Mise en garde

Les outils d’aide à la conception pour système Enviro-SepticMD (Guide de conception, simulateur Enviro-Septic TSA, outil d’évaluation du sable filtrant, etc.) que vous vous apprêtez à télécharger sont destinés au concepteur d’installation septique. Nous vous rappelons qu’en vertu du Règlement sur l’évacuation et le traitement des eaux usées des résidences isolées (R.R.Q. 1981, c. Q-2, r.22) et de la Loi sur la qualité de l’environnement (L.R.Q. c. Q-2), une installation septique doit être conçue par une personne qui est membre d’un ordre professionnel compétent en la matière.

IMPORTANT: Prenez note que le concepteur d’installation septique est responsable de s’assurer que ses plans et devis sont en tout point conformes à la réglementation en vigueur. De plus, les directives du guide de conception ou les résultats obtenus avec l’aide des autres outils de conception du système Enviro-SepticMD doivent, en tout temps, être interprétés en conformité avec cette réglementation.

DBO Expert inc. n’est pas responsable de la conception de l’installation septique. Les outils d’aide à la conception de système Enviro-SepticMD proposé ici sont des outils destinés uniquement à faciliter le travail du concepteur.

En téléchargeant ces outils, vous reconnaissez avoir pris connaissance et compris les termes de la présente mise en garde et vous engagez à respecter en tout point l’ensemble de la réglementation en vigueur en matière d’installation septique.

What is Enviro-septic?

How it works

4 Steps Process

The Enviro-Septic System fills three functions :

  • First, it contributes to an even distribution of wastewater coming from the septic tank over the entire leaching bed;
  • Second, it treats the effluent;
  • Finally, it permits a safe evacuation of treated water into the environment via infiltration into the soil. The strength of this product is clearly in this triple action.

How it works

The wastewater from the septic tank is routed into the pipes. The effluent is uniformly spread using a distribution box or another water spreading mechanism.
As the effluent enters the Advanced Enviro-Septic pipe, it is cooled down to ground temperature. The ridges and oblique notches facilitate the process while providing an increased surface for thermal exchange when compared to classic systems. The system acts in a way that could resemble that of an underground radiator. The cooling down then promotes the separation of fats and suspended solids. The lighter solid particles float up to the surface as scum and the heavier ones sink to the bottom of the pipe to form sludge. These solids are held inside the pipe to prevent the clogging of the reception surface of the soil.
The effluent leaves the pipe through the perforations found on the entire circumference of the pipe. Afterwards, it works its way through the fibrous membrane where the bacteria have settled to treat the additional amount of suspended solids. The fibrous membrane is conditioned by the liquid level fluctuations inside the pipe, which is caused by the peak periods of water use by the user. This aerobic/anaerobic condition encourages the proliferation of the bacteria performing the treatment.

This process is similar to the deterioration of a picket fence. The deterioration always starts at the bottom where the humidity conditions change from day to day where the change accelerate the wood’s deterioration.

The effluent travels through the geo-textile where another layer of bacteria is forming on the internal surface. By capillary action, the geo-textile and the surrounding san gather and distributes the effluent on the pipe’s circumference, which facilitates the evacuation of water to the surrounding ground. This phenomenon can be compared to the wick of an oil lamp in which the fuel moves towards the area where the combustion occurs.
The treatment continues as the effluent passes through filter sand that surrounds the Enviro-Septic pipe. When water finally reaches the receiving soil, almost all the contaminants are completely removed from the water. It thus infiltrates into the ground much more easily, to be evacuated from the site.

Before Buying

10 questions to ask yourself to make the right choice in terms of durable and ecological septic system, without any worries.